Steps to get your blog post index fast


Here we talk about the process and steps to get your new blog post index and rank high on google search box

When it come to indexing of blog post we recommend you already know about SEO to optimize your blog post for faster way of pushing your site to google eyes 

Creating quality content

Well here we go, we first look at when it come to creating a blog post ,what really come to our mind " creating quality content" for our website readers so they can be impact and they can as well visits cause you create too content for them to read 

If your a newbies trying to figure out what to publish on your new site try doing a kayward research on a specific topic 

Manny webmaster make it easy for google to crewl and index there site still they get higher rank on search box 

Being a google writer does not guarantgoogle

 high rank but doing some keyward research finding the tending topics of your choice make it clear for google to rank and index your post but dont make your content deplicate on search engine 

Heading (topic)

The heading of a post is very important when writing your first blog post , and they are certine keyword to use so your post can rank high on google eye , the heading should be short and easy for your readers to know the topic they are in 

Picture on the post 

Many blog readers and researches find it easy and interesting to view more about the post and to learn from it while reading through , they get stucked by the image you posted and for that reason they click to ready through 

When posting an image from your dashboard try to make a good details about your post on the image setting it help google crwl and index your site faster

Search description 

After your done writing your blog post a search description is needed ,here you copy the first paragraph or heading of your post paste it on the description 

So when you search on your topic a description will pop out showing your URL on top of google 

Submit your site map to google 

If you already have created an account with google console go get one noe it help in analysis and performance of your site 

Submitting your site to google map is another way of getting to reach Google crewlers to go through site for any change and then index thet discovered URL on your site it make it easier to do that when you have account and registered your property to google console 

Here search on specific post and find how it doing on Google ranking and index 

Submit your URL post to URL inspection

In this case many people find it difficult to do this , on your google console page you find and click URL inspection and paste your blog post URL address on the URL inspection here you have to wait 5second yo load , when it completed here you find "URL not on Google" what your option is "Reqaust of index" once you click on that it will tell you Google will find any changers and index it 

On the other hand you can still test if live URL can still be index at this point testing it will show it will be index in flash but it won't guarentee you of safe indexing of your post being they is a fault on your write up look for any error an change if then it wil be IP and running 

Good luck guy as you get your site index 

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